Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board
Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board
Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board
Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board
Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board

Champ’s Japanese Kitchen Board

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Noto Hiba cypress wood cutting board made by a Wajima lacquer craftsman.

All of our cutting boards are handmade by Wajima craftsmen. You will be

handling a unique piece made with Hiba cypress wood from the region of Noto,

Ishikawa Prefecture. Rich in a component called "hinokichioru", it is characterized by its high durability and antibacterial properties. For this reason, it is often used to make the highest quality wooden kitchen utensils and this cutting board is no exception.

[Knife friendly]

Hiba cypress wood is the perfect material; neither too hard nor too soft. Feel safe and at ease with your knives, as they glide across the board with no damage or loss of sharpness. In addition, due to the Hiba cypress wood's natural elasticity, you can cut comfortably without applying unnecessary force and your arms will not get tired, an outstanding feature for a chopping board recognized by professional chefs.

[Clean and hygienic]

Noto Hiba cypress wood is rich in natural oils and has natural antibacterial properties. In addition, the surface is coated with natural water repellent lacquer using the Wajima-nuri technique, allowing the cutting board to dry quickly and in a hygienic way.

[Easy to use and convenient]

The cutting board can stand on its own and be placed anywhere, which is a common problem in many kitchens. This sleek board design allows it to stand on its own without needing a holder, which is perfect for those who love a clean and neat kitchen.

While standing up, the board leaves a small gap, preventing it from touching the surface and allowing it to dry completely, making it more hygienic. In addition, its special inclined design makes it easy to handle food and clean while cooking. It measures 40 cm x 20 cm, neither too big nor too small, which is perfect for handling meat, fish, and vegetables. It has a moderate weight and a luxurious finish, with a maximum thickness of 35 mm.

<Cautions for handling>

After use, please clean with a soft sponge as with ordinary cutting boards. Avoid putting in the dishwasher as it may deteriorate the wood.

Please refrain from using it in a microwave oven or over an open flame.

This product is a kitchen tool and should be considered consumable.


For all the Champ fans out there, there is even his logo engraved on the board to give you the confidence of a champion in the kitchen!

Materials: Natural wood (Hiba wood), natural lacquer

Size: 40 x 20cm (thickness from 3.5 to 2.5 cm)

Weight: Approximately 750g

Price: $109

Limited Quantity: 20

Designed by World champion

2010 Judo World Champion Hiroyuki Akimoto established the Kimono brand to deliver unique Japanese quality to athletes who seek the highest caliber of craftsmanship & design.

Made to order in Japan

From choosing the best raw materials all the way to the weaving process, Japanese Judo Gi are manufactured in an environment with access to outstanding assets.